When Should I Stop Massage?

Male Therapist Doing Massage
Regular Massage

Just because you started getting massage treatment for a specific injury or need, it doesn’t mean the treatment has to stop once the injury is fixed.

Many people choose to have regular massage treatments on a fortnightly or monthly basis. This is because they recognize that regular massage can improve many aspects of their lives.

It can reduce stress, relax an agitated mind, improve blood circulation, ease depression and anxiety, and be an ideal tonic to help with fitness schedules and training.

We often put our bodies through lots of stress. Simply sitting at a desk all day five days a week, can make muscles tight and sore and cause postural problems. Hauling groceries and wrangling children, or being competitive in sport can cause aches and pains.

So your massages don’t have to stop. You can stop and restart whenever you feel.

Our massage therapists will support whatever decision you make. But don’t be surprised that if you become one of the many people who enjoy massage, so much it becomes a regular part of your life.

If it feels good do it.