Massage Therapy For Runners

Male Therapist Doing Massage

No matter why you run, for stress relief, enjoyment or competition, there are a few ways your Mels Massage massage therapist can improve your running potential.

Benefits Of Massage
Reduces Muscle Fatigue

Massage reduces muscle fatigue and pain. Any physical activity places an increased strain on your muscles causing fatigue and pain. This is caused by the release of toxins, such as lactic acid, into the tissue. If left untreated, this tissue can become damaged over time. Any muscle damage can cause interruptions in circulation, congestion, tightness or shortening of the muscle fibres.

Improves Circulation

Massage improves circulation and blood flow through the muscles and body. Massaging your muscles forces out the stagnant blood in the muscle fibres. Allowing new blood flows in and replaces the blood you have just pushed out. This increases the rate at which fresh blood is moving into the tissue and the rate at which toxins are being moved out. This process triggers an immune system response to promote healing in the tissue.

To assist the release of toxins, it is advised that you take in an adequate amount of fluids to help “flush” the toxins out of the body. With any physical activity it is good to consult with an expert on the amount of fluids you should be consuming before, during and after the activity.

Increases Flexibility

Massage increases your flexibility. Increasing your flexibility or ROM (Range Of Motion) can help improve performance. When your muscles can move properly, you can run more efficiently. Your experienced Mels Massage massage therapist will not only treat the pain affected area but also do an assessment to determine which, if any, muscles are dysfunctional. This will allow your therapist to treat them as well as provide you with a treatment plan. Muscles could be dysfunctional due to over work, a pre-existing postural defect, over tightness, weakness, etc.

Promotes Relaxation

Massage can promote relaxation, which has numerous benefits for your whole body not just your muscles. These include relaxing the muscles and mind, reducing stress as well as re-energizing you after a big run or tough training program.

Your Mels Massage massage therapist can assist you with planning the most effective and sustainable massage program. This includes the appropriate timing and type of massage treatment – whether it be a deep tissue massage, remedial massage or a more relaxing treatment (the benefits of a relaxation massage on both the mind and the body are often underrated prior to an event).

Factors that can influence the massage program can include the loading and intensity of your training program, the timeline of the event, injuries and budget considerations. Our therapists can also provide you with some exercises and stretches to assist with your program in between massage sessions.