Can “Old” People Have Massage?

Male Therapist Doing Massage
Can “Old” People Have Massage?

Working at Mels Massage, I see a wide range of people from many areas in life, that have many different requirements when they see me. I really enjoy this as it keeps me learning about different types of conditions and treatments. No client is the same, even if they have the same condition as the person before. 

Lately, I have gained a few regular, elderly clients, with my eldest client in her 80’s. Some of our “elderly” clients feel younger and are more active than some of our younger clients!

So Why Do Elderly Clients Come To See Us For Massage?

There can be many reasons why elderly clients come to us for massage. These reasons can range from pain relief options for ongoing health conditions such as arthritic conditions like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, through to benefits of having “simple” positive touch and a friendly face. Massage can help manage painful symptoms.

Generally, these clients have other health professionals working closely with them and will advise whether massage is a good option to support their individual needs management of their conditions. Massage can also be a part of their routine to see people and lesson the impact of social isolation, particularly if they live by themselves.

What Type Of Massage Do You Do?

For each client it does depend on their individual needs, and we as therapists, work with them to achieve their desired results.

Some techniques used include relaxation techniques and lighter pressure to help ease aches and pains through the body.  Lymphatic Drainage is also popular to help with the movement of fluid throughout the body and help reduce oedema (swelling).

We are sensitive that our older population generally have more conditions that require medications and we ensure that no deep pressure is used through treatments unless it is safe to do so.

What Considerations Are There For Treating Older Clients?

We as therapists need to know of any medication our client is taking, to ensure that each client’s massage is tailored to their requirements and to ensure there is no contraindication for any massage treatment.

It is also important that we know about any existing medical conditions, as well as previous conditions, in case we need to modify any of the techniques we use.

We as massage therapists can work closely with your other health experts to ensure that we provide you with the best treatment to get you back to your normal daily function.